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Tangentia Ventures funds Toronto-based ethnic food delivery start-up

On October 14, 2021 – Pumpkin Kart, an upcoming on-demand hyperlocal delivery start-up focused on ethnic food and groceries secured funding and strategic partnership from Tangentia Ventures – the venture capital arm of the Tangentia Group. Pumpkin Kart plans to leverage this strategic partnership in enhancing their presence, technology platform, service delivery across Canada and consolidate their offerings to help market penetration and increase brand awareness.

Philip Correya, the CEO, and founder of Pumpkin Kart, aims to grow a sustainable and affordable marketplace for ethnic businesses. He says “With all major cities around the world seeing an increasingly multicultural population, the need for ethnic businesses to connect with the mainstream consumer and vice versa has been greater than ever. We thank Vijay and the team at Tangentia Ventures for coming on board and look forward to our strategic partnership to accelerate the scale-up process for Pumpkin Kart.”

Vijay Thomas, the CEO of Tangentia Ventures said “Ethnic is now mainstream in the minds of consumers in Canada but mainstream consumers still don't have options to quality curated ethnic food and culinary experiences. Pumpkin Kart aims to bring Little India, Little Italy, Koreatown, Chinatown, Greektown, Scarborough, Brampton, Mississauga to people across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We thank Philip and his team for letting us become part of their growth journey and we look forward to seeing Pumpkin Kart across Canada and soon the world.”

Mahendra Naik CPA, strategic advisor at Tangentia Ventures says, “As we move into a post-COVID-19 world, people prefer to spend more time at home, and with the rising popularity of ethnic cuisine and groceries, the market for a niche delivery platform is ripe and primed for deploying capital.”

With over 15000 active users, 150+ restaurant and grocery merchant partners, and over 300 delivery heroes, Pumpkin Kart is well-positioned to take this industry by storm. Canadians as well as global consumers now want authentic, curated culinary experiences, and Pumpkin Kart with its Food, Grocery, and Alcohol delivery options combined with long-distance delivery looks primed for unprecedented growth.

About Pumpkin Kart

Pumpkin Kart is an on-demand ethnic delivery service with three verticals: food and grocery that focuses on connecting ethnic businesses to their right customer base despite a long-distance barrier. North America is very rich and diverse with people from around the globe. In most cities, the services of a particular ethnic community are concentrated in a smaller geographic area whereas their customers are spread out across. Pumpkin Kart connects people to the flavours of their culture and ethnic-centric businesses to the right audience in an affordable way.
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About Tangentia Ventures

Tangentia Ventures is a boutique global venture capital firm, the venture capital arm of Tangentia Group. With a sector-agnostic long term disciplined agile growth philosophy, Tangentia Ventures boasts of investments across myriad sectors like Local Manufacturing, Cleantech, Fractional Real Estate, Crypto, Niche Software Services and Niche Ecommerce. Tangentia Ventures is primarily active in the India-Canada business corridor with plans to expand globally in the near future.
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